Enrollment at Zo International Childcare


If you would like to enroll your child at Zo International Childcare, please fill in the registration form. Once we have received your form, we will invite you to visit us for a visit. During this visit we will discuss your wishes and what we can offer you in details. You will be given important information about Zo International Childcare, and you will also meet the leaders of your child’s group.

Perhaps you would prefer your child to spend some time with us first before you make your final decision. Please call us on 070 – 514 6738 or use the contact form to schedule an appointment.

Please download the registration form here.

Please read the general terms and conditions of the Association for the Childcare Sector in the Netherlands here.


Please find the price list for the daycare HERE

Please find the price list of the after school club HERE

The Out of school care prices:

Full day 7:30-18:30 €84

Half day: 8:30-14:00 €55

Getting used to childcare

The transition from home to childcare is a big step for your child and for your family. During the tour, we will schedule a couple of dates for your child to spend some time with us to help make the transition as easy as possible.

On the first occasion, you and your child will attend together and spend an hour or two with the group. On the second occasion, your child will spend time alone with the group and will be collected by you at some point during the morning. Generally, two mornings are enough but you and the teachers will discuss what is the best for your child.

The Dutch childcare allowance

Zo International Childcare is also able to provide support for parents in relation to the Dutch Childcare Allowance – which is available to all working parents in The Netherlands – including expatriates.  You can read more details about the allowance via this link.
Please feel free to contact Zo International Childcare directly on +31 (0)70 514 6738 for any questions.