Welcome to Zo International Childcare!



Why Zo International Childcare

We have more than 10 years of experience in caring for international children. We understand the need of the expat community for a high quality, flexible, home-like, safe childcare facility where children can learn, grow and enjoy their time.

We offer a caring and nurturing environment in our childcare centers with lots of fun activities for the children. We serve delicious freshly prepared meals, a well-structured daily schedule and plenty of toys, the children also get to enjoy age-appropriate learning activities with their leaders and friends.

Our services

Zo International Childcare offers Daycare, Pre-school, After School Care, Out of School Care. Next to these services, we provide transportation with our own buses, bakfiets and private drivers, between school , Zo and extra activities. We serve two in-house warm healthy meals next to two snacks for children who spend the whole day with us. At Zo International Childcare children are involved with lot of craft activities, helping decorating the buildings for all of our themes. Children spend at least once a week time in our own gym, playing in a different environment and exploring the age appropriate sport games and yoga. All children sing many songs, playing /making music and dancing together. That is why we offer weekly piano lessons.  Thanks to the big outside area, children can play in the sand box, slide, swing or ride on the bicycles. When it is summertime most of the children will go on fieldtrips to the woods, to the playgrounds, parks, animal petting places …. We have a network of speech and language therapists, child psychologists, OT therapists in case children need extra support. Zo International Childcare became also a meeting point for international families in Chat&Kids International Playgroup.

What does Zo International Childcare offers to your family?

Home like environment

As much as possible we try to create a warm and interesting atmosphere in our childcare facilities for the children where children can safely grow.

Healthy meals

At Zo International Childcare we serve two warm, healthy, homemade meals per day. Next to that the children receive healthy snacks with lots of fruits and raw vegetables.

Loving and caring teachers

The teachers at Zo International Childcare are all passionate teachers who love their jobs. They do every day their best to make sure that the children are happy.

Lots of extra activities

Next to the well stuctured curriculum we always like to do more! Like decorating the childcare buildings with the children, dancing, making music, learn the Dutch language, go to the gym, library, field trips…

Learning through play

Our curriculum is designed in a way that children don’t even notice how many things they learn daily. According to them they are just playing and having fun!

Truly international place

Most of the staff members are from all around the world just like the families who we serve. This is why we believe that our childcare center should be more than just a center where we care for children. We would like to serve our expat community and bring us closer together.